With a dedicated team of 45 Staff and Volunteers working closely with the community of Dublin North Inner City, we are committed to forging a path towards recovery, stabilisation and empowerment.

Through our integrated approach, we leverage collaboration with statutory, community and voluntary partners and employ individualised care plans to meet the unique needs of every person we serve.

Here you will find a complete guide to the services we offer, designed to support you or a loved one on a journey towards recovery.

“Chrysalis helped me come out of my shell, they brought me back into reality”
“The respect and motivation Chrysalis gave me has pushed me to be clean and active in my recovery.”
“Staff very efficient when engaged. Well done.”


To accommodate our expanding service we have developed a centralised referrals process to ensure potential service users are directed to the most appropriate team in Chrysalis. To make this process as easy as possible we kindly request that you provide us with as much information as possible at this stage.

Once the referral has been received a member of the team will contact the service user directly to arrange the next step in the process. Usually this will be arranging an assessment, however if the service user is not suited to our service we will ensure an appropriate service is identified and a referral made with the consent of the individual.

To qualify for Chrysalis services, potential clients must meet the following requirements:

If you would like to avail of our service please download the form below and email it to


Or call a member of our team on – 083-0926015

Assessments are carried out within 1-2 weeks for all clients contacting the service.



After an initial referral to the service, Chrysalis will offer an initial and comprehensive assessment; this be followed at a later stage by a comprehensive assessment.

The aim of the assessment tools is to determine the seriousness and urgency of a service user’s issues and to identify the most suitable supports for that person.

After the assessment the service user will be allocated to the appropriate keyworker/case manager or counsellor – or redirected to a more suitable


Keyworking is a process addressing defined practical issues as identified by the service user.

The keyworker provides guidance and support, develops a care plan and
assist the service user in accessing the correct resources to achieve his/her objectives.

Keyworking tend to be short-term addressing 1 or 2 presenting issues.


Case Management is offered to any service user with complex and multi-faceted needs.

Case Management is medium to long-term; it is the process of coordinating the care of a Service User through a shared care plan and addressing potential blocks and barriers in a collaborative approach with other practitioners.

After identifying the needs, a unique care plan will be develop setting up realistic and achievable goals in areas such as addiction, physical and mental health, homelessness, employment and training etc.


Community Detox supports service users to reduce or cease their use of benzodiazepines or methadone within their community.

It is very helpful as an alternative for people who can not or will not go into a residential detoxification programme.

A keyworker/case manager and a GP will work together to support the service user for the duration of their community detox.


Are you affected by someone else’s drug/alcohol use?

Chrysalis engage with families and family members affected by substance use.

Our aim is to bring families out of isolation, improve family relations, reduce the levels of anxiety and stress, and address the trauma experienced as a result of the loved one’s drug/alcohol use.

We believe that when a family is impacted by substance use, the whole family can benefit from support. We can assist the family in learning about addiction to make more informed decisions and respond more effectively to addiction and early recovery. We will help the
family to identify the appropriate coping skills and develop a robust plan to support change.

Services provided by our family support service include:

  • Advice and Information
  • 1-to-1 support
  • 1-to-1 counselling
  • 1-to-1 crisis intervention
  • Link to the DRIVE (Drug Related Intimidation and Violence Engagement) Project
  • Signposting/Referrals to other agencies


The services are offered in person or remotely, and are free of charge.


Chrysalis offers a free counselling service to our service users.

Counselling provides service users with professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems.

It supports client’s effectiveness and their ability to cope, and it promotes their decision-making process.

We offer both addiction and generic counselling services and can offer whichever is most suitable for each service user.


Chrysalis provides various groups throughout the week to engage individuals wherever they are at in their addiction/recovery.

See below a list of groups run in Chrysalis:

We offer specific addiction groups to enhance the user’s awareness of self-defeating
behaviours and attitudes.

The groups are designed to meet the needs of the service user and teach life skills that will aid them as they navigate their way back into mainstream society.

Each group is based on a cognitive behavioural theory in which the user is given the opportunity to explore ways of reducing their drug/alcohol intake with the hope of living a more fulfilling life in the future.

Our Social Evening takes place every month and gives our service users a space where they can socialise and have fun.

We have games, movie nights, quiz nights and have regular holistic treatments such as Reiki and guided meditation.

The Social Evening also offers service users the opportunity to develop coping skills, improve their communication and social skills, and learn to have fun without relying on substances. Our staff are also available to offer support and guidance.

The Recovery Aftercare Evening consists of a Check-In group and is aimed at drug free
service users.

The Recovery Aftercare Evening takes place every Thursday and provides support, enhances well-being and strengthens connectedness amongst individuals in recovery.

Every Friday evening Chrysalis organise a football meet-up on the astropitch in the
TU Dublin Grangegorman campus.

Teams made up of service users and staff take part in, and have won, football tournaments such as those run by SARI, the Homeless World Cup or other tournaments.

It is an excellent way to keep fit and socialise.

All the above services/activities are facilitated by skilled and experienced staff and volunteers. Assessment, Keyworking, Case Management, Care Planning and Community Detox are based on recognised best practices framework and endorsed by the HSE and the National Drug Strategy.