Sex Work Project

To qualify for the Chrysalis Sex Work Project, potential clients must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a person over eighteen who has at any time or is currently engaged in sex work
  • There is no catchment area required

If you have any queries or require clarification surrounding the criteria, please contact us.

Please check our website

Street Outreach

Chrysalis staff and volunteers provide harm reduction materials and information to female street based sex workers in locations across Dublin.

Outreach sessions are led by staff and volunteers in the Chrysalis vehicle, who offer a dedicated nighttime service.

The outreach team offers:
Free condoms and lubricants
Sexual health advice
Harm reduction advice/information
A dodgy punter/Ugly Mug reporting service
Safety advice and information
Personal attack alarms
Assessments/care planning
Referrals into drug, homeless and other services

Give us a call on 086 2198853.

Safety Advice and Information

Chrysalis can run workshops and also provide information, advice and support on safety issues on a one to one basis. This information can also be shared through email.

Ugly Mugs/Crime Reporting Scheme for Sex Workers

Chrysalis has an Ugly Mugs Scheme which street based sex workers can access. The outreach teams will encourage people to report any incidents which happen in their working environment so that the information can be shared with other sex workers and the Gardai/Police if the woman consents.

The scheme aims to reduce crimes against sex workers by creating an early warning system for people, deterring perpetrators and increasing prosecutions.

Case Management and Advocacy Work (see Case Management page)

We provide case management to people who need help in working towards their goals. A case manager will help to coordinate any other services involved in that person’s case and make sure each agency is working in an effective way to help the person achieve those goals.

Referrals to Specialised Services

We provide a referral service and will support people in accessing other services including health, mental health, social work, social welfare, probation, housing or legal support etc.

Crisis Intervention Work

We can offer practical and emotional support to someone experiencing a crisis in their life.

Outreach Support

The Chrysalis team also provides outreach support to people while they are in Dochas Prison and hospitals or drug treatment centres, etc.

We can offer support and information for people who work or advertise online.


We can provide training sessions for professionals or community groups on sex work related issues. Please contact us on 086 2198853 for further details if interested.