Service User Stories

The stories of service users who have gone through the full service of Chrysalis help not only the team, to learn and improve, but also allow an insight into the organisation through their own eyes. The stories of each service users are unique but each reflect on the common values,aims and missions set in the organisation. The outlook of the service by the service users is highly regarded and in turn, is taken into great consideration for the forward work done in Chrysalis.

Chrysalis Community Drug Project provides services for people with addictions and their family members. Their vision is to provide empowerment for service users to reach their full potential and access to the same opportunities as others, regardless of their substance use. Chrysalis works hard in order to deliver a safe, compassionate, and high-quality service to those who struggle with addiction within the local community. This service holds high importance in delivering person-centred care and believes in harm reduction with therapeutic interventions to help better the lives of people struggling with addictions, and their family members.

The services seen within Chrysalis include case management, keyworking/ care planning, addiction clinics, evening recovery, recovery coaching, addiction and generic counselling, and community detox support across Inner City Dublin. Based on the annual outcomes in Chrysalis, there was a record of 357 referrals to the organisation, 599 clients attended, and there was a total of 5,942 sessions in the year 2020. According to the collected data, 526 of the service users attended case management sessions, totaling the number of sessions at 4,535 in the year 2020.

Heavy importance lies in having peer support through the process of recovery, which is why Chrysalis provide peer led initiatives. This includes linking service users with recovery coaches and peer led recovery groups on a weekly basis. The collaboration between the community, peers, and professionals alike shows high success in terms of recovery for the service users. The first-hand experiences told by three service users in Chrysalis will explain their journey with the organisation and how the tools and guidance they received play a role in their everyday lives.