Key Working

Care Planning

Care planning is about making decisions about how we get from where we are to where we want to be. Or in this case, how the client and the Chrysalis worker will prioritise the needs and goals identified in the assessment and how they will go about addressing them.

The key worker will help the client to establish and describe their personal goals. This is like creating a ‘vision’ of their future or a ‘scenario’ of how they want things to be. The role of the key worker will be to help the client think about their plan and decide if it is realistic.

The next step is identifying the tasks or changes that are necessary to achieve the goals. To do this will require bringing together the strengths and resources and the needs and issues identified in the assessment. It will also require developing the client’s network in a way that will support them in their new scenario. An important part of planning will be identifying and exploring options.

Care Plans will be written down and kept in the client’s file.

A Care Plan will include:

  • longer term goals
  • what tasks are necessary
  • who will undertake the tasks
  • dates that the tasks will be done
  • review dates.

There will be space on the plan for adding comments afterwards about whether the tasks were completed and any learning for the client and key worker.

Click here to see first page of sample care plan