Do you only work with people who are addicted to heroin?

No, we have clients who are experiencing problems in relation to:
Nurofen Plus/Solpadeine

Our client group includes students, parents and professionals.

Do you help family members to deal with drug use?

Yes, we work with partners and family members of drug users. Our client group includes parents of drug users as well as drug users themselves.

Do you only work with people who are currently using drugs?

No, we work with people who are in recovery for years and feel they need to link back in for support as well as those who need help stabilising their drug use.

Do you only work with drug using sex workers?

No, although our work is predominantly with drug users/ex drug users we also provide sign posting support to escorts and sex workers who need information on other services. This may include emails with safety advice or information on health/social services in the area they live. We also link women who have been the victims of a crime to liaison Gardai (police) we regularly deal with. If that person needs support making a statement or passing on information; this can also be provided.

Does Chrysalis provide a methadone prescribing service?

No, Chrysalis does not prescribe methadone to our clients. We work with local GPs and methadone clinics in supporting people who are on methadone and want to stabilise on it or detox from it.<

Does Chrysalis provide a needle exchange service?

No, Chrysalis does not operate a needle exchange. We refer people who need an exchange to:
Merchants Quay Service on Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fridays
Coolmine, Lord Edward Street on Tuesdays
Analiffey on Tuesdays

After hours & Weekends- Dublin Simon Outreach Team

Through partnership work with Dublin Simon needle exchange can be provided in certain instances out of hours. A Chrysalis worker will contact Dublin Simon’s Team and arrange a place in town for the person to meet them. This is not in Chrysalis.