Case Management

Case management is intensive engagement with a service user who has a broad range of needs or intensive support needs, in order to ensure that the multiple services are effectively coordinated to respond to those needs. This role has responsibility for brokering as well as coordinating services to meet all support needs

Case Management Guidebook, Homeless Agency & Progression Routes Initiative

2009 – 2010

A Case Manager’s Role Involves:

  • Drawing together a case management team comprising of all relevant key workers
  • Facilitating this case management team to develop and agree a support plan either by phone/email, or through a case management meeting
  • Acting as the contact point for the case management team and the service user
  • Overseeing the implementation of support plan
  • Maintaining the full case file i.e. assessment, support plan, and updates/agency reports
  • Communicating any relevant gaps,blocks/barriers to the appropriate forum through their line management
  • Remaining as case manager until the case is formally handed over to a new case manager or until disengagement or case closure processes are followed.